What is Albright Digital?

Digital Marketing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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Albright Digital is your one-stop shop for all of your automotive digital marketing products and services. We enable auto dealers to build stronger relationships with their new and existing customers by leveraging web analytics, engaging applications and content, and social media to create lasting connections. Our comprehensive digital marketing offerings equip dealerships with effective ways to connect with more clients, engage with new and existing clients, and grow their user base – ultimately resulting in additional revenue.

Albright Digital began as an independent subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company in 2011. In October of 2015, Capitol Broadcasting Company saw the opportunity to merge two of their successful digital properties, CBC Digital Elements and Albright Digital, into a unified entity aimed at providing a comprehensive package of digital solutions to clients. While Albright Digital is still exclusively focused in the automotive industry, our partnership with CBC Digital Elements allows Albright Digital the flexibility to provide an additional array of digital marketing products and services to automotive clients, as well as work with all types of businesses across the Triangle and the United States.

What does Albright Digital Do?

Check out our automotive-specific digital marketing solutions below.

Automotive Reputation Management

What is the most powerful marketing tool you have? Word of mouth. The most influential word of mouth tool across the internet is reviews. With our Reputation Management service, you are able to manage your online reputation, actively engage users, and encourage them to write reviews and provide feedback to you. We give you the ability to monitor how your dealership ranks on review sites as compared to your top competitors, and we notify you and your team when negative reviews are posted so you can take immediate action.

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Automotive Social Media Management

Do you want to reach more people through social outlets? Let us create unique, high-quality content to engage your audience on Facebook and/or Twitter. We generate content for you, create a strategic posting calendar, and post the content for you on a scheduled basis. We also provide ways to boost engagement through Facebook advertising and video campaigns.

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Stamp’d for Automotive

How can you encourage customers to post and share about your dealership post-sale? With Stamp’d you can provide a unique way for your employees and customers to engage with your social media channels to easily and creatively extend your brand beyond your own dealership’s network.

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Automotive Smart Lead Generation

Do you want to capture more leads from your website and close more deals? With our Smart Lead Generation tool, we enable you to target the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. By using behavioral targeting with a lightweight lead form, we are able to capture more website leads and enable you to close more deals from your website.

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