Tracking Results, Not Hunches

Optimized landing pages, dynamic call-to-action, Analytic ROI and easy to follow customer funnels — Conversion Elements converts leads into returns

Campaign Landing Pages

It’s crucial for online marketing campaigns to have a clear, simple path to funnel conversion points. Keep users inline with a clear path to converting with optimized landing pages and splash pages that simplify call to actions. These are the best pages to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Ever wonder where people are finding your business? Is it from Google, an advertisement, or a mailer? With conversion tracking you can see how people find you by placing different tracking phone numbers on campaigns, allowing you to track your ROI and still receive all your calls in one place, and you can even record calls for quality assurance and to improve customer service.

Lead Generation

Lead generation technology is aimed at asking the right audiences the right questions on your website. A pop-out slider will come out from the side of your web page asking for contact info or any other information you would like. It can even list the search term a visitor used to find your site, so you’re already on the same page!

Live Chat Lead Generator

Similar to the lead slider, this service adds a widget to your website offering visitors the chance to chat with a live attendant, increasing the potential to convert leads. Our representatives can give potential customers information about your business, and even transfer them over to your phone line to talk directly with you.

Display Retargeting

Display retargeting delivers your ads to users on national websites like ESPN and CNN. Using browser data, you can send these ads only to users who have visited your website, or even certain pages or products. This is a great tool for reaching back out to failed leads and unconverted customers, or simply to remind warm leads about your brand.

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