Track Results, Not Hunches

The Conversion Elements allow tracking of campaigns, so you can determine your true ROI.

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Campaign Landing Pages
When running an online marketing campaign, it is important to have a clear and distinct message. Sometimes sending a user straight to your website can divert their attention when you give them multiple choices of where to go on the site. Landing Pages allow you to send a user to a separate splash page that has a more succinct message and only the option of calling you or filling out a contact form. This is a great place to put coupons, and to track via analytics how many people are coming from your ad campaigns.

• Phone Call Tracking
Ever wonder where people are finding your business? Is it from Google, an advertisement, or a mailer? With phone call tracking you can track where people find you by placing tracking phone numbers on different ad campaigns. The numbers forward to your phone, so it is seamless for both you and your customers. It allows you to track your ROI, and you can even record calls for quality assurance and to improve customer service.

• Smart Lead Slider
Lead slider technology is aimed to ask the right people the right questions on your website. A slider will come out from the side of your site asking for someone’s contact info and to answer a few questions, and it can be tailored based on where they came from or what they searched. If a user goes to Google and searches “Hot water heater repair” and comes to your site, the slider can ask them specifically about that service. This allows you to know something about your leads before they even call.

• Live Chat Lead Generator
Similar to the lead slider, this service adda a widget to your site aimed at providing information to potential customers and interacting with them based on their interest. Our Live Chat feature will offer a live person to chat with your potential customer and try to get them to become a lead. Our representatives can give potential customer information about your business, and even transfer them over to your phone line to talk directly with you.

• Display Retargeting
Display retargeting is a service that serves display advertising to users on national websites like ESPN and CNN, but uses browser cookies to deliver only to people who have already visited your website. This is a great tool for getting people back to your site to convert into a lead, and for keeping your brand at the top of their mind.

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